Car renting has become a common and fast catching trend where travelers can be able to  purchase any car of their choice for a given period of time. The cars hired out can be suitable for any, if not all kinds of occasions however it all depends on the price and costs the particular vehicle in question. Many travelers find ease in driving around rented vehicles because it this method not only saves them so much but offers a whole lot more like cost cutting, time,  adventure and it is very convenient. Rwanda is one of the many countries that have picked up on the idea and here are a few popular car hire companies you can check out when in Rwanda.


This car hire company in Rwanda is the only absolute motor vehicle source online, supplying an extensive range of vehicles for rent like the 4×4’s, the chauffeur driven vehicles and the rooftop tent cars among other transfer services that you need in Rwanda. This company initially came into place back in 2011 though only as a car operator in Kigali however it now offers comprehensive rental car services throughout the state of Rwanda. With some of its reliable services like the insurance policy when it comes to hiring the vehicles, this car hire company also offers additional services to its clients like booking accommodations and issuing gorilla permits among others. The company also has a team dedicated entirely to providing passionate travel expertise at their one stop wheel center.


Dial a Car is the ideal car rental company that is there to not only handle your airport transfer services straight from the airport at Kalombe to any place in Rwanda; be it in the city or the countryside. They offer a large high quality selection of vehicles that can be got at the incredible rates like the SUVs, mini vans, sports cars and sedans among others. This company also provides a section where you can hire a fleet of our taxi cabs that can be at your disposal with synchronized billing and tracking. Dial a Car utilizes the latest technology that is safe and leaves the passengers

We make use of the most recent and accessible tech which is safe and also very comfortable in vehicles, providing the passengers with the utmost quality of service. Persist on a Dial a Car and get the service you deserve! Because there are very few places where Mountain Gorillas can be seen worldwide, this company gives you a very clear guide that presents you with information showing you how to plan your gorilla safari when in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and or Rwanda.


Rent a car with your savings while on your next trip to Rwanda with our company because of our great and interesting car renting deals and special last minute offers than can be upgraded at any one time. Our car rental company operates in any destination of your choice in Rwanda, the DRC and or Uganda. It vehicles range from the minibuses, rav 4’s, SUV’s, safari land cruisers, family cars, salon cars, omnibuses and the intermediate cars that are not just a trustworthy fleet but are well maintained as well. Some of the other extra services that are offered by this company include organizing gorilla trekking guided tours, wildlife and adventurous trekking vacations inclusive of mountain hiking, game drives and so much more. The kind of vehicle will however depend on the kind of safari or place you might want to visit.


Europcar is an easy booking method of renting a car in Rwanda where you can keep on making savings if you book with them online. It has the short term alternatives that are accessible to those whose stay might be brief and they also map out road trips with their one way ideal rentals for those interested. Monthly and longer term offers are also available with this company if your interests are heard out.

With these vehicles, you are able to explore even the most difficult  places that can hardly be reached when using other transport means. Europcar is one of those very rare car rental companies that gives its clients in Rwanda the cheapest holiday car rental service. However, the cars available can be used for business, wildlife and adventurous tours as well. With Europcar, you are able to get yourself a comfortable and brand new rented car, have an express pick up service and enjoy the weekly, monthly, daily, long and short time renting service and have an only 3 step online booking process with the only award winning car rental company in Rwanda.